Mission Statement

Don’t call it “old time radio”: there’s nothing stale about broadcasting’s greatest era, when an army of writers, directors, and performers in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles created theaters of the mind for millions of listeners. The wit remains as lively, the villains as nasty, and the horror as shocking as on the nights these episodes aired in the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s.

Radio may have ruled for thirty-odd years, but it was discarded as source of stories and shared entertainment with the arrival of inexpensive TV sets. The network shows became the province of historians, and of devoted collectors who traded and preserved the scattered transcriptions. This neglect was never a matter of quality; to paraphrase Norma Desmond, these broadcasts are still big—it’s radio that got small.

Now you can enjoy these timeless comedies, dramas, and variety shows on your mobile device anywhere you like. The shows aren’t streamed from a remote server, so you don’t need Wi-Fi/wireless access to cue them up. That makes them terrific travelling companions, as an alternative to e-books or tunes.

All Tube Glow Radio collections feature:

  • Complete, locally stored episodes—no wireless connection needed to play
  • Sleek and simple episode list and playback controls
  • Full-width progress/seek bar to quickly jump to any spot
  • Background audio support, for switching between apps
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices

Note: On iOS, if playback is paused outside the app using the multitasking bar (accessed by tapping the Home button twice), you’ll need to return to the episode to resume playback. This limitation will eventually be fixed.

For questions or comments, contact admin@tubeglowradio.com.